“I was born 1932nd in northern Banat, in the village Mokrin, where I went to another school. In high school I went to Kikinda and Pancevo, he studied in Belgrade. I live in Novi Sad. It is clear my biography. In fact, I have told everyone the right to resume, so what I want, no more, and with so many books that I wrote, I have exhibited pictures, movies that I recorded, plays, stories in the newspapers every morning … I want to start an excellent biography, which would serve if no one else, at least to students at school, because, unfortunately, have to learn the writer’s life.

I would be the worst student, not because my life I have learned. And I worked for everything. He was an assistant bricklayer, a laborer in a brewery, kubikaš at the port, a sailor, a theater director, dealt with water supply and sanitation, radio compressors, processed wood, know how to make a roof, starred in a puppet theater, and even made dolls, led by TV shows konferensije was … I have some awards … Two “Marigold”. One for lifetime achievement in poetry for children, Goran’s prize, prize Sterijnog Theatre, Golden Arena for screenplay, award liberation of Vojvodina, Serbia Seventh July Award. I am holder of National Service Medal. Some of these things would have to write endless staranica. For example: list editor “Rhythm” and editor of The Dragon “Neven” …

Most would like to invent my own biography. Then I will have many different lives and be the liveliest among the living.

Other, what is the announcement of the writer, but the whisper, I said in the poem “In Memoriam”. And in all her other songs. ”

Miroslav Antic